Vibra-Phone 280
This model has been Discontinued

  • Signals with vibration - The Vibra-Phone™ takes the tone that you would normally hear in your detectors headphones and converts it into vibrations.

  • Standard 1/4" stereo jack - The connector on the Vibra-Phone™ plugs directly into the standard headphone jack of your detector.

  • Coiled cord - The coiled cord will strech to reach your detectors headphone jack no matter where it's located.

  • Mounting clips - Built on mounting clips easily snap onto the 1/2" diameter shaft of your metal detector.

  • Sensitivity adjustment - Lets you easily adjust the desired sensitivity of the Vibra-phone™ 280 to match your detectors output.

  • Pulse width adjustment - Lets you adjust the length of vibration you feel, so you don't miss the slightest tone produced by your detector.

  • No tools needed - Works with most common metal detectors without tools or having to modify your detector.

  • Easy battery installation - The standard nine-volt battery is quickly changed without tools. Simply rotate the rear knob and pull out the compression seal to access the battery compartment.

Note: Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification.
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