E-Z Swing
Metal Detector Harness

Do your arms and shoulders get tired swinging that heavy detector?

They won't anymore with E-Z Swing™.

E-Z Swing™ works by distributing the weight of your metal detector to your waist utilizing a hook and loop attached web belt. Two attached flexible crossed bands and shoulder pads make it comfortable to wear without tiring your neck or shoulders.

Two straps secure the web belt to your normal belt thereby counterbalancing the weight of your detector and tools. It really works! You can completely relax your arm and make perfect swings all day long.

E-Z Swing™ is fully adjustable and made to last. It comes complete with a collecting pouch for your finds, and a storage bag. The belt and pouch can also be used without the harness shoulder straps.

Made in the USA.

E-Z Swing™ Harness   -   $79.95 Online Store

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